Brokers & Consultants


HIA provides Brokers and Consultants with a variety of services and technology that augment their existing organizations. These services and tools allow brokers and consultants to focus on their core strengths, provide them a competitive advantage and supports the growth of their business.

Employers & Businesses


HIA provides Employer groups with competitive products and services. These products and services are designed to allow employers to provide their employees with benefits that meat their needs, flexibility and make the employee benefits process a better experience. 

Streamline Benefits Management Through System and Service Integration

Technology Tools

Enroll, Administer, Report

For Employers and For Brokers

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) technology platform model and services are dedicated toward providing our clients, our clients employees, brokers and their carriers with a new experience in employee benefits.


Our platform functionality has years of a proven track record and was designed specifically for

HR and employee self serve administration. That means our platform is employee centered rules driven. In addition we are one of the most cost effective solutions available for all size cases. And behind our technology is a dedicated team of technology and employee benefit experts.

Solutions and services specifically designed to make the benefits  administration process simple, easy and accurate
Our integrated administrative services allow Human Resource experts to better focus on their “Human Capital” and spend less time on administrative tasks and
provides brokers with additional tools to support existing clients and to acquire new clients

Recent News

From Our CEO


“Administration and information processing should
have the same attention to detail as the providing
of care.

Servarus Systems is dedicated to making this a reality”

Joe Zuccari
President and CEO

From Our Clients


"Our corporate benefits department
is more efficient thanks to Servarus Systems."

Kristi Pittman
Manager Corporate Benefits


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