Benefits Administration doesn’t have to be time consuming

Spending significant resources on administering employee benefits has had a negative impact on human resource departments and is distracting to Brokers' core business focus. Both have traditionally spent a disproportionate amount of time managing the benefits enrollment process; from collecting, reviewing and processing paperwork, to auditing invoices. Our Benelink technology and administrative services increases employee productivity by freeing up valuable time and provides cost savings for more accurate billing and invoicing. Ultimately providing a better experience for brokers, employers and employees.

One-click access allows you to manage all of your benefits from one portal.

•   Customized portal by client

•   Payroll and insurance carrier interface

•   Easily enroll in benefits from home or work 24/7

•   Select and compare benefit plan options

•   Review current coverage status, benefits and plan details at any time

•   Update personal and dependent information

•    Store benefits paperwork

Experienced call center customer service representatives dedicated to your employees.

•   Toll-free dial-in number specific to your employees

•   Trained customer service professionals

•   Voice-stamped telephonic enrollment

•   Enroll in benefits, review coverage status and receive assistance with benefit plan interpretation

Powerful employee communication materials. 

•   Customized employee benefit guides

•   Personalized enrollment forms and employee benefit statements

•   Enrollment announcements

•   Communication materials are stored online in the client portal for easy access

Numerous system reporting features to improve data analysis.

•   Fulfills PPACA reporting requirements

•   Track enrollment issues

•   Review trends

•   Document customer service calls

•   Insure resolution of data issues

•    ROI analysis

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