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Servarus Systems Benelink Connect streamlines the benefit information data processing. Benelink Connect provides a simple and easy way for employees and HR departments to quickly enroll benefits anytime. Through client specific rules at the employee level, all necessary data to enroll is gathered, employee eligibility is automatically managed, and all transactions are electronically processed. As a result, errors and mistakes are significantly reduced. That means employee effective dates and premium bills are accurate.


Administrative functions provide HR departments with significant management oversight and electronic reporting capabilities. Benefits administrators now can easily monitor employee and subscriber status and track elections. Life event changes are also made simpler through our electronic record keeping storage.

This is all important to employers, employees, brokers and carriers because it provides a better experience for the employee, it controls costs and improves accuracy.

Smart Rules Based

Data validation – Benelink Connect incorporates system validation both at the user interface and database levels so information entered by employees, employers and brokers is accurate and complete.


Import files – Import files typically used for updating employer census data are pre-validated for format type and accuracy to maintain data integrity. Error reporting provides fatal and non-fatal events.


File transfers – File transfers are scheduled and run based on the needs of the employer and carrier daily and weekly.


Reporting – several standard reports are available and with our report wizard, custom reports can easily be created and imported to Excel for further manipulation


Individual confirmation statements – Employee / subscriber enrollment confirmation statements illustrate exact benefits enrolled and their associated employer and employee cost for a complete picture of benefit value.

Payroll Integration - Benelink Connect integrates with any payroll platform allowing for a complete HRIS tool coupled with carrier interfaces.

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